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The Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and its climate. Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes. Aromatic spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. Extensive listings of authentic indian food restaurants and cuisine serving the Indian community.

Chand Palace     » Directions & Maps

1296 Centennial Ave Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 465 1474
BYO spot with variety of vegetarian Indian eats (from mild to spicy) & large buffet in simple digs.

Sukh Sagar Cuisine     » Directions & Maps

1347 Stelton Road Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 777 9595
Modest eatery with vegetarian North & South Indian fare, lunch buffet & limitless weekend breakfast.

Mithaas Piscataway     » Directions & Maps

    coupons Mithaas Piscataway Coupon
1357 Stelton Rd Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 640 1166
raj kachori chaat - gobi manchurian - chili paneer - sev puri - dahi puri - chole batture - puri aloo - masala dosa - vegetable keema - tokri chaat

Indian House Of Dosas     » Directions & Maps

    coupons Indian House Of Dosas Coupon
1665 Stelton Rd Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 844 3672
Traditional tiffin dishes, snacks, dosas (fermented rice & lentil pancakes), with sides, & chutneys.

Persis Biryani Indian Grill     » Directions & Maps

    coupons Persis Biryani Indian Grill Coupon
1665 Stelton Rd Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 543 0560
We do most of the indian traditional items which are not listed in our menu.

Square Cut Indian Bistro and Bakery     » Directions & Maps

    coupons Square Cut Indian Bistro and Bakery Coupon
1665 Stelton Rd Piscataway New Jersey NJ   Phone: 732 253 0599
Simple eatery in a strip mall offering standard Indian fare as well as traditional cakes & pastries.

Indian food for beginners! what to order?

One thing you have to remember about Indian food is that it is not a generic cuisine. It is intensely regional (north indian, south indian, bengali, kerala, goan) and what you should order should correspond with the regionality of the restaurant you are at! If you are a first timer, go easy on spice - mild.


Assorted appetizer sampler is fail proof
tandoori chicken (bbq), paneer pakoras (veg), kababs, seek kabobs, veggie samosas, tiger prawns

Non Vegetarian Indian Food

chicken tikka masala, butter chicken (makhani chicken), tandoori dishes, Mutton Rogan Josh, chicken biryani, goan vindaloo

Vegetarian India Food / Vegan Food

saag paneer, malai kofta, palak paneer, gobi manchurian, chickpeas, baingan bharta, matar paneer, aloo matar

Chaat Places (Indian Street Food)

vada pav, pani puri, bhel puri, dahi puri, dosa, idli, dahi vadas, uttapams, mysore masala dosa

Vegan Food

Naan bread in indianrestaurants is likely be made with yogurt
onion or cauliflower or okra bhajis, vegetable samosas and vegetable pakoras are all vegan. vegetable curry, veggie vindaloo, chana masala/chole, sambar, vegetable biryani are other options

Gluten Free Options

Tandoori chicken, fish, and shrimp are almost always gluten-free, Indian spices are gluten free, with the exception of something called "hing", Always ask for Gluten Free Menu to be on the safe side.

The cuisine of India is characterized by the use of various spices, herbs and other vegetables grown in India and also for the widespread practice of vegetarianism across many sections of its society. Each family of Indian cuisine is characterized by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. As a consequence, it varies from region to region, reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically diverse Indian subcontinent.

Vegetables are an integral part of indian food and consume them in a number of ways. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven. India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes. Indians like their vegetable curries real hot 'n' spicy and so add a number of spices to make them really exotic. These are also prepared using different methods of cooking like baking, boiling, frying etc. We offer a number of tempting Indian vegetarain recipes of dishes like Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer etc. to the connoisseurs of taste.

india food

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