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India Grocers   » Dublin » Directions & Maps

India Grocery, Fresh vegetables, spices, condiments, frozen food, jack fruit
5839 Sawmill Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 798 9331

Bhavani Cash and Carry   » Dublin » Directions & Maps

India Grocery, Fresh vegetables come on Wednesdays and Saturdays, spices, rice, atta, snacks, pickles, flours, sweets, henna
2855 Festival Ln Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 389 3399

Trinethra Indian Supermarket   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

spices, dal and fresh ingredients, Indian Restaurant
8481 Sancus Blvd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 396 9023

Patel Brothers - Columbus   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

Indian grocery store, Indian vegetables, spices, snacks, frozen items, sweets, beauty products, incense & pooja items : Swad Brand
6600 Saw Mill Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 792 8484

Nellai Marts   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

groceries from India, Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, and even Personal care products
58 Dillmont Dr Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 360 2174

Nepali Bazaar   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

Indian/Asian Products
1782 Morse Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 436 0911

International Market Foods   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

international groceries, Bangladesi fishes
3120 Olentangy River Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 262 1488

South Asian Bazaar   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

Nepali and Indian foods, juices & drinks, snacks
1995 Morse Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 745 3193

Nellai Marts (Sawmill)   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

Indian groceries, Rice & Dals, Spices & Seasonings to Packaged Products, Beverages, and even Personal Care Products
7424 Sawmill Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 410 5885

Saraga International Grocery   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

Indian Grocery Store, Indian Spices
1265 Morse Rd Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 447 8588

Shangrila Corner Store   » Columbus » Directions & Maps

India / Nepali Grocery, spices, snacks, expensive
4420 Walford St Ohio (OH) Phone: 614 532 3181

Buy Indian Groceries Online

Please note that some of the grocery stores may have closed down, make sure you phone ahead b4 you go. Fresh Indian Vegetables Normally Arrive on Thursdays, Fridays Or Weekends in India Grocery Stores! The selection & quality of vegetables depends on the day you visit.

Essential Spices & Herbs for Indian Cooking

Having the right spices and ingredients in your kitchen will help you get started to try out the wonderful Indian recipes. Indian grocery stores offer almost all spices, grains (rice, wheat - atta ), dried pulses and lentils that are necessary for indian cooking. India Spices are staple in curries and curry powders, Garam Masala is a spice mix used in Indian Cooking.

Indian Spices Indian Vegetables

Bhindi (okra), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Eggplant (Baingan), Bottle Gourd (Lauki), Winter Melon, Drumstick

Indian Spices Indian Spices, Seasonings & Herbs

Turmeric, Black pepper (Kali Mirchi), Cumin, Red Chilli Powder (Dried Red Chili Pepper), Coriander (Dhania), Cardamom (Elaichi black & green), Cloves (Laung), Nutmeg and mace, Cassia bark (Chinese cinnamon), Mustard seeds (yellow, black, or brown), Fenugreek, Saffron (Kesar), Asafoetida (Hing), Bay Leaf (Tej Patta)

Indian Herbs

Garlic (Lehsun), Ginger (Adrak), Fresh Curry Leaves, Fresh Coriander (Hara Dhaniya), Green Chili Pepper (hari mirch)

Desi Snacks

Most Indian grocery stores have an aisle specifically dedicated to snacks from India : chevda, aloo bhujia, Bombay mix, spiced chickpeas, bhelpuri, charmuri

Indian Tea

Masala Chai, Darjeeling & Assam Teas, herbal teas

Indian Vegetables / veggies : Fresh Produce

Okra (Bhindi), Eggplant (Baigan, Brinjal), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Bottle Gourd (Lauki - Kaddu - Doodhi), Coriander leaves, Ivy Gourd - Tindora, Coconut

India Frozen Goods

Shredded coconut, North Indian Snacks, Punjabi Samosa, Paneer, Ready To Eat & Cook

Indian Biscuits Snacks and Cookies

Bourbon biscuit,parle, glucose, marie, monaco, macvities, khari, tea toast, chikki, twi, cadbury, nestle

Flours, Rices

Basmati Rice, Sona Masoori, Jasmin Rice, Wheat Floor (Atta), Besan Floor, Sooji Floor, Rava Foor


Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Urad Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Kabuli Chana, Kala Chana, Masoor Dal, Whole Moong


Dosa batter available in many india stores.

Halal meats

Chicken, Goat Meat, Beef : Most Indian stores clean poultry & meats.

India Movies Rentals : Indian Languages

Most Indian Stores let you rent current Bollywood movies and other regional languages : Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada Watch HD Hindi Movies Free

india spices

Pooja Items in Desi Stores

Puja Samagri for religious ceremony, Mandirs, Idols, Ganesha, Incense.

Watch out for Expired Items in Desi Stores

Desi Grocery Store

Indian Grocery stores (aka desi store) typically offer standard Indian cooking needs such as dals, rice, spices, sweets, fresh Indian vegetables, relishes and chutneys but some of them offer small chat and quick bites option with fresh and traditional indian food among other things.

Indian Grocery Store is not just about buying food. It's also the place to get advice about what the good neighborhoods are, how to find an apartment, even employment and much more...

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