The 10 Best Indian Grocery Stores in Maryland, MD

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Best Places for India Groceries in Maryland State.indian vegetables

Indian immigrants in the usa are often on the lookout for india spices, ethnic herbs, indian sweets, pickles and desi vegetables close to where they live. Few Indian groceries items are now available in local produce market, however, it is often only in desi stores that you get the range of Indian products from the different regions of India.

Buy India Groceries Online, Indian Spices, Seasonings & Herbs

You can browse our list of popular grocery stores in Maryland!

Baltimore India Stores
Burtonsville India Stores
Silver Spring India Stores
Germantown India Stores
Rockville India Stores
Takoma Park India Stores
Hyattsville India Stores
Catonsville India Stores
Ellicott City
Columbia India Stores
Rosedale India Stores
Laurel India Stores
Elkridge India Stores
Frederick India Stores
Gambrills India Stores

India Bazaar → GermantownDirections & Maps
13097 Wisteria Dr Maryland MD Phone: 301 515 5113
Well maintained & great selection of India Grocery, India spices, Fresh vegetables, samosas

Big Bazaar Indian Supermarket → LaurelDirections & Maps
14703 Baltimore Avenue Maryland MD Phone: 240 294 4325
Good Reviews : Indian groceries, samosas, fresh produce, spices, teas, grains, chapatis, clean & well organized, Burtonsville

Annapurna Grocery Store → BaltimoreDirections & Maps
326 N Charles St Maryland MD Phone: 443 948 5131
Indian grocery, fresh vegetables, fresh paneer, dosa batter, flours and spices, lamb, goat

Patel Brothers → RockvilleDirections & Maps
15110 Frederick Road Maryland MD Phone: 301 340 8656
Indian grocery store, fresh vegetables, spices, snacks, frozen items, sweets, beauty products, incense & pooja items : Swad Brand

Apna Desh → RosedaleDirections & Maps
8300 Pulaski Hwy Maryland MD Phone: 410 687 1222
well stocked Indian grocery store, fresh produce, spices, cookware, kitchen necessities, samosas, incense

Spicy America → Silver SpringDirections & Maps
11409 Loc Maryland MD Phone: 301 754 0244
Decent Indian grocery store, Fresh Meat, Kerala Fish (sardine, pearl spot, anchovy, king fish)

Ganesh Groceries → Ellicott CityDirections & Maps
8000 Locust Mill St Maryland MD Phone: 410 203 2525
India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, best samosas, jalebi

Punjab Groceries & Halal Meat → BaltimoreDirections & Maps
345 E 33rd St Maryland MD Phone: 410 662 7844
Best in Baltimore area, Indian spices and vegetables, goat meat, lamb, chicken, indian paneer, utentials, indian breads, south indian pickles, indian sweets

Patel Brothers → CatonsvilleDirections & Maps
6504 Baltimore National Pike Maryland MD Phone: 410 719 2822
well stocked Indian grocery store, Indian vegetables, spices, snacks, frozen items, sweets, beauty products, incense & pooja items : Swad Brand

Masala Bazaar → ColumbiaDirections & Maps
9050 Red Branch Rd M & N Maryland MD Phone: 410 715 9900
veggies, groceries, beauty items, kitchen utensils, halal meat : goat meat, chicken and lamb, samosa, chicken biryani

Desi Bazaar → ColumbiaDirections & Maps
9179-H Red Branch Road Maryland MD Phone: 410 997 8400
Groceries, Fresh Vegetables, Milk and Frozen Products, flours, lentils, rice, vegetables, pickles - DVD Rental

Shah & Patel Grocery → RockvilleDirections & Maps
808 Hungerford Dr # C Maryland MD Phone: 240 403 7930
India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, Check Expiry Dates

India Bazaar → GaithersburgDirections & Maps
383 Muddy Branch Rd Maryland MD Phone: 301 963 7070
Fresh vegetables, Fresh Produce, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, Desi sweets, Bollywood DVDs, Pooja Items

Indus Food of Laurel → LaurelDirections & Maps
900 4th St Maryland MD Phone: 240 280 2340
Indian groceries and halal meat, fresh produce (small), frozen food, rotis, naan, parathas, sweets

Patel Brothers → Langley ParkDirections & Maps
2074 University Blvd E Maryland MD Phone: 301 422 1555
Indian groceries and vegetables, Indian spices, wheat flour, basmati rice, Indian pickles, papad

United Desi Market → Silver SpringDirections & Maps
948 Wayne Ave Maryland MD Phone: 301 589 0216
India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, Expensive

New Grand Mart - Langley Park → HyattsvilleDirections & Maps
1535 University Blvd E Maryland MD Phone: 301 408 0880
International Grocery [Mexican and Asian (Indian/Korean/Chinese) grocery items], Fresh Produce, Meat, Good Fish Selection

Periyar Asian Grocery → HyattsvilleDirections & Maps
7453 Annapolis Rd Maryland MD Phone: 301 577 1133
India Grocery, Spices, kerala snack items, King Fish

Punjab Supermarket & Halal Meat → RosedaleDirections & Maps
8767 Philadelphia Rd Maryland MD Phone: 410 574 4995
Good Reviews : India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, fresh veggies and meat

Bari Food & Halal Meat → LaurelDirections & Maps
7709 Sandy Spring Rd Maryland MD Phone: 301 776 1400
Indian & Pakistani groceries, Spices, Meat

Dana Bazaar → RockvilleDirections & Maps
12215 Nebel St Maryland MD Phone: 301 231 7546
Indian grocery store in Columbia, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks : Bad Reviews

India Foods Warehouse → Takoma ParkDirections & Maps
1355 Holton Ln Maryland MD Phone: 301 434 2433
Bad Reviews : India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, produce, chapatis

Guru Groceries & Chaat House → RockvilleDirections & Maps
14119 Travilah Rd Maryland MD Phone: 301 251 4400
India Grocery, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods, chaat items

Halal Meat Market → Takoma ParkDirections & Maps
1335 University Blvd E Maryland MD Phone: 301 431 3361
Fresh cut halal meat : fish, chicken, goat, lamb and beef, spices, herbs, teas, samosas

Indus Food of Silver Spring → Silver SpringDirections & Maps
15513 New Hampshire Ave Maryland MD Phone: 301 989 9448
India Grocery, Spices, organic stuff, gluten free and whole grain options

India Bazaar → GermantownDirections & Maps
13220 Wisteria Dr Maryland MD Phone: 301 540 5130
expensive Indian Grocery

Frederick Bazaar → FrederickDirections & Maps
45 Waverley Dr Maryland MD Phone: 301 668 8899
India Grocery, Fresh vegetables, Desi Spices, Indian Snacks, frozen foods

Maryland is defined by its abundant waterways and coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. The state is filled with charming coastal towns, forests, parks and an array of attractions. It’s home to several large cities, including Baltimore, Silver Spring, Burtonsville, Rockville, Hyattsville, Catonsville, Germantown, Columbia, Rosedale, Takoma Park, Gaithersburg, Laurel, Elkridge, Gambrills, Ellicott City Frederick and more.

Best Colleges & Universities in Maryland:

  • University of Maryland College Park
  • Johns Hopkins University Baltimore
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • Towson University
  • Maryland University College Adelphi
  • Bowie State University
  • Salisbury University
  • Anne Arundel Community College
  • Morgan State University
  • Purdue University Global
  • Prince George’s Community College
  • Maryland Institute College of Art
Indian Grocery stores have a great collection of foods from all over India. Some carry fresh produce like fruits and Indian vegetables, grains and flours, to spices, drinks, frozen food, ready to cook items, desserts and Indian snacks.While almost every local grocery store or produce market will have vegan foods, finding india specialty items can sometimes be challenging.
  • Note: Some of the grocery stores may have closed down, make sure you phone ahead before making the trip.
  • Fresh Indian Vegetables Normally Arrive on Thursdays, Fridays Or Weekends in India Grocery Stores!
  • The selection & quality of vegetables depends on the day you visit.
  • Watch out for Expired Items in Desi Store Shelf.

Essential Spices & Herbs for Indian Cooking

Having the right spices and ingredients in your kitchen will help you get started to try out the wonderful Indian recipes. Indian grocery stores offer almost all spices, grains (rice, wheat - atta ), dried pulses and lentils that are necessary for indian cooking. India Spices are staple in curries and curry powders, Garam Masala is a spice mix used in Indian Cooking. Indian Spices, Seasonings & Herbs
Indian Spices : Turmeric, Black pepper, Cumin, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander, Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg, cinnamon, Mustard seeds
Herbs : Garlic, Ginger, Fresh Curry Leaf, Fresh Coriander, Green Chili Pepper
Indian Tea : Masala Chai, Darjeeling & Assam Teas, herbal teas
Indian Vegetables / Fresh Produce : Okra, Eggplant, Bitter Gourd, Coriander leaves, Curry Leaves, Coconut
Desi Snacks : Bourbon biscuit, parle, glucose, marie, monaco, macvities, khari, tea toast, chikki, twi, cadbury, nestle
Indian Rice : Basmati Rice, Sona Masoori, Jasmin Rice, Poha Thin Flattened Rice, Parboiled Rice, Idly rice, Kerala Matta rice
Wheat Flour / Atta : Besan Flour, Sooji Flour, Rava Flour
Lentils : Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Urad Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Kabuli Chana, Kala Chana, Masoor Dal, Whole Moong
India Frozen Foods : Shredded coconut, North Indian Snacks, Punjabi Samosa, Paneer, Ready To Eat & Cook
Beauty & Health : Indian Cosmetics, Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, henna, over the counter medicines
Halal Meat : Fresh Chicken, Goat Meat, Beef : Most Indian stores clean poultry & meats.
India Movies Rentals : Indian Languages Most Indian Stores let you rent current Bollywood movies and other regional languages : Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada. Watch HD Hindi Movies Free
Pooja Items : Puja Samagri for religious ceremony, mandirs, idols, Incense, agarbatti
Indian Grocery stores (desi store) typically offer standard Indian cooking needs such as dals, rice, spices, sweets, fresh Indian vegetables, relishes and chutneys but some of them offer small chat and quick bites option with fresh and traditional indian food among other things.Indian Grocery Store is not just about buying food. It's also the place to get advice about what the good neighborhoods are, how to find an apartment, even employment and much more.


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